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Relocation of Ministry for the Environment

Project title :""Relocation of Ministry for the Environment, Planning and Public Works in a building at 196 -198 Thivon avenue", with a budget of 35 million euro for the purchase and the renovation of the existing building to be used for the relocation of the above ministry.

Project budget : Thirty five (35) million Euros

Description: Our company is responsible for the supervision of the project on behalf of the company "Tobacco Industry ETHNOS - G.A. KERANIS S.A." and more specifically, the tasks of the responsible civil engineers and mechanical engineers and the observance of the contracts between "ETHNOS - G.A. KERANIS S.A" and the construction company. The project also includes the following: Regular cooperation with the representatives of "Tobacco Industry ETHNOS - G.A. KERANIS S.A.", monitoring of the current correspondence and all the other matters, in general, that are related to the project (certifications, documents etc.), interventions with observations to the construction company, when and where required, and active participation in work conferences and meetings with the Public Sector Real Estate Company or/ and the construction company.