Address: 38, Patriarhou Ioakim str, Athens
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O.G.O.C. - ATHENS 2004 S.A.


Project title:"Technical consultancy and management services, monitoring and taking delivery of the project "leasing of Moutalaski property in Nea Ionia, for the O.G.O.C. - Athens 2004 S.A."

Project budget: Forty (40) million Euro.

Description:Our company has signed a contract with O.G.O.C. - ATHENS 2004 for the relocation of the services of the latter to the "Moutalaski" property in the Nea Ionia. Within the framework of the above contract "INTERPRAXIS S.A." supervise the good and the due taking delivery of the technical works, monitor the current correspondence and all other issues in general that have to do with the project  (certifications, documents etc.), intervene in observations and instructions to the contractors, when and where required, and actively participate in work conferences and meetings with the owner of the project, O.G.O.C- ATHENS 2004 S.A., and the contractor company.