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Athens Concert Hall


Project title: "Completion of the Athens concert hall - construction works at the hall for its completion and its operation" (Project under development)

Project budget: One Hundred seventy six (176) million Euro

Description: Our company has undertaken, through participation of 33% in a joint venture formation, the organization, the scheduling of the works and the coordination of the above project, including the drawing up of the General Timetable and Financial Planning Chart for the Project.
Within this framework, it conducts the management, with the monitoring, control and coordination of the Technical Supervision of the project, and holds the responsibility for the scrupulous observance of all the high standards provided by the Law for the execution of a complete project, and also in accordance with the regulations and the Laws of the Greek State with regards to the aesthetics, the safety and the capability of the building frame to withstand the applied louds. It draws up the timetable of the project and monitors, adapts and revises it during the project.
The company continuously monitors the execution of the contracts of those conducting the studies, the contractors, the suppliers and all the third parties related to the project and makes sure to coordinate the activities of these individuals. It researches the market for the location of contractors and suppliers from within the country and abroad, for the good execution of the works that are required for the completion of the Hall, formulates the terms for the call of expression of interest for the project and the terms for the Invitation to Tender for the selection of any new individuals to conduct project reports, Contractors or Suppliers, and controls the drafting of contract measurements, certifications and accounts.